About MoonDemon

The History of a Strange Addiction

What is MoonDemon?

We asked this on the homepage didn't we? I think we did. Anyway, to recap: Founded in 2014, MoonDemon is a project based in Sydney, Australia, to modify and race cars. We do it because it's our hobby and we really enjoy it. We've met some amazing people in the Australia car scene, and wanted to help get as many people into cars as we can.

We specialise in importing and modifying Japanese manufactured vehicles made by Subaru, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. We've found them to be a great way to get into modified cars due to their easy availability and great prices, and the limitless possibilities in aftermarket parts spawned by the Japanese auto industry.

What Do We Do?

Audio and Entertainment

MoonDemon are the experts in installing high-quality in-car entertainment systems in a variety of vehicles, ranging from our traditional base of imported vehicles such as Subaru, Toyota, and Nissan, to other brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, as well as local brands such as Holden and Ford.

We provide end-to-end services including selection and installation of electrical components such as head-units and amplifiers, the creation of custom wiring systems and brackets for bespoke positioning of equipment, as well as the installation of speakers and auxiliary components such as USB ports and AUX jacks throughout the vehicle.

We use only high-quality equipment from a range of preferred vendors, including JL Audio, Alpine, Sony, and Pioneer, ensuring you get the best possible experience from our installations.

Performance and Style

MoonDemon have over 15 years combined experience in modifying and upgrading cars for both performance and aesthetics. We can provide services in ordering and installing a range of components such as bumpers, hoods, sideskirts, wings, and exhausts, as well as offering advice and installation of performance modifications such as engine management systems, aftermarket induction systems, cooling, and suspension.

Contact Us

Have some work you'd like to ask about, looking to organise a new car, or just want to say hi? Send the team an email at [email protected] and we can have a chat.

We attend many meet-ups and festivals around Sydney like DownShift and GTRFest, come say hi and grab some swag!