The MoonDemon Garage

Driving is our Passion, and these are our cars

'05 Subaru Liberty 3.0R Spec-B

This is the daily transport of Ewen, our Audio Installation Engineer.

With a unique blend of JDM and Australian style, a tuned 3.0L Flat Six Engine, High-Flow Stainless Steel Exhaust, Pedders Coilovers, Custom Wiring Harness, and more speakers than any single vehicle would ever need, this is certainly a unique way to get around.

Technical Specifications

Engine Subaru 3.0L EZ30
Transmission STI 6 Speed Manual
Power 210KW
Torque 360NM
Suspension Pedders Racing Coil-Overs

'99 Subaru Impreza WRX

This ‘lightly’ used family sedan is the ever reliable daily driver of our resident gearhead, Lachlan.

Built to honour the classic Subaru rally cars of the late 90's, this is a more subdued design than the other cars in the garage. With a tuned 2.0L Boxer Turbo, Pedders Suspension, Steering Rack, and Control Arms; a Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust, and an enormous subwoofer, it packs quite a punch for such a small car.

Technical Specifications

Engine Subaru 2.0L EJ20T
Transmission 5 Speed Manual, Occasional Reverse
Power 210KW
Torque 300NM
Suspension Pedders Sports Suspension

'96 Mitsubishi RVR SportsGear

It's a van, and this particular van belongs to our Mechanic Aydin.

We're not entirely sure what Mitsubishi had in mind when they created the HyperSports Gear, coming from the factory with a 4G63T and Evo Drivetrain, but since we've had it we've upgraded the turbo, installed locking diffs, and added some basic boost control for one hell of a surprising ride.

Technical Specifications

Engine Mitsubishi 2.0L 4G63T
Transmission 5 Speed Manual
Power 180KW
Torque 320NM
Suspension Lowered Springs

'86 Nissan Fairlady Z

The only coupé in the garage, this 1986 Fairlady is the modus transportes of our style advisor Evan.

We bought this retro ride unregistered and without papers in the middle of nowhere, and it's completely stock except for the upgraded sound system added when it joined the Moondemon Garage.

Technical Specifications

Engine Nissan 2.0L VG20T
Transmission 3 Speed Automatic (OD)
Power 130KW
Torque 220NM
Suspension Old, w/ Spiders